Our Vision

For the community, for the kids.


Ridgeway has a rich community history, and the Advancement was founded by a group of volunteers to continue that tradition while improving the spaces we share. These shared spaces and community events hosted in them are designed to foster children’s programs and strengthen foundation of our community.

We’re proud to work closely with other organizations in our community, and neighboring communities all with the same goals in mind. To protect, to improve, and to grow our communities means working together to provide a safe environment that encourages a network of families and friends that believe in the greatness of our little town.


Whether your roots run deep in Ridgeway or you’ve just planted your seeds here, the Ridgeway Advancement is proud to do the work that makes our town such a uniquely lovely place to live. Welcome home.

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Zachary Bennett

Mike Scheidegger

Kari Phelan

Volunteers pause for a photo at the 2018 Labor Day Celebration