2019 Goals + Progress

From Little League equipment to new construction and park maintenance, we’re aiming high to reach our 2019 goals.

Follow our progress for each goal here!



Thanks to your donations, we are preparing for the installation of a new scoreboard for the Little League field in 2019!

Little League Scoreboard

On the tails of the Home Talent team’s new scoreboard, we are excited to have reached our goal! We are purchasing a new scoreboard for the Little League field, and planning installation for 2019!


baseball storage improvements

Far beyond its years, the small shelter behind home plate is due for a renovation. We are looking to improve the quality of the shelter space while ensuring safety by closing access to its rooftop.

home talent.jpg


Seeking team sponsors to complete our funding goals

little league upgrades

To provide our young players with new gear, uniforms that add to team pride, and offer coaches the greatest environment possible to grow our youngest players.


park improvements

Covering a spectrum of needs from the trash and recycling program to roof expansion for more shelter, we are taking it one task at a time to continue to improve the pavilion area for our guests.



Voted to purchase (2) new nets, (2) new ratchet systems, and (2) new house vollyeballs. New lighting will be voted on at the next board meeting.

volleyball court improvements

From nets to sand to lighting, the volleyball courts can look forward to a year with several improvements that will provide our players with a place to play with ease and keep our teams coming back.


Preparing for Bidding

Bids will be accepted later in 2019

New plumbing

Without adequate wastewater systems in place, the food stand is limited in its ability to serve our guests. Improvement in plumbing will allow us to serve you better, and more efficiently.