2018 in Review

a year of change and growth

2018 saw many new changes for the Ridgeway Advancement.


big dreams lead to bigger goals ahead

The Ridgeway Advancement has always been a fluid organization, made up of volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts to the improvement of our community. We welcomed many new faces throughout the year, from meetings to events, and are grateful to everyone who gave their time and care to make this year a success!

We worked closely with several local organizations with a goal of creating a unified community, to build on the foundation created by our predecessors. The Ridgeway Cardinals received a new scoreboard, something they had been needing for some time, thanks to financial and labor donations from community members. Along with a scoreboard, smaller maintenance items were able to be provided to the Home Talent team to assist in their efforts to maintain the large field.

Little league received new gear, including new catcher’s gear, bats, and more!

The 4th of July celebration brought one of the largest crowds the event has seen, and we look forward to growing this event into a local summer highlight!

The 50th Labor Day Celebration was one that drew a crowd big enough to clear out John’s Famous Chicken BBQ, and who hung around through the rain to enjoy the music and laughter throughout the night. We welcomed JJ’s Party Bus for a safe ride, providing 73 people with a safe trip home.

New organizations formed in Ridgeway this year, and we’re thrilled to see more activity and people adding to the vibrancy of our community. The Ghost Ridge Sportsman’s Club was formed in late 2017 and hosted their first 3D Archery Shoot season in 2018. They have been very well received and great reviews about the organization and their course have echoed the pavilion throughout the summer. 2018 also welcomed the first year of the Ridgeway Farmers Market, host to local farmers, growers, crafters, and community groups to provide locally sourced goods to residents, as well as a hub for local resources. Look for the market next season, every Sunday from 11-2 under the water tower!

The addition of open ATV trails into Ridgeway has created yet another way to enjoy the area, and we look forward to welcoming more riders to our beloved park next year, and years to come.

Looking ahead, the Ridgeway Advancement has outlined specific goals for park improvements for 2019. First on our list is the addition of a new score board for Little League, with dugouts up next.

We have also identified park needs, including a new plumbing system for the food stand. Currently, our wastewater from the food stand does not have an outlet that can keep up with the use of the stand. We have set a goal to raise funds to evaluate and potentially revamp the plumbing system for an easier to use concession stand that can better provide for community events and gatherings.

Eventually, we would like to build out the roof of the pavillion/food stand, to provide more shade and shelter to guests. We will use 2019 to begin building towards that goal.

As we move forward through these goals, we will be updating our progress here for the community to follow.

Thank you sponsors, donors, and volunteers for a wonderful year!